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Complete Hair Care Routine - Some Tips for Good Hairs

Taking care of hair in fact much the same as taking care of skin. An effective hair care discipline involves cleansing, toning and conditioning routines carried out with religious regularity.

Tips for Routine Hair Care to make your Hair look more Beautiful

These includes:-

  • Oiling: The care of oily hairs or scalp condition is the same as used for oily skin condition.The routine aims at removing the excess oil and to exfoliate skin cells which clogs up and suffocate the hair follicles in our scalp.The emphasis is laid on cleansing and toning routines. For thick, strong glossy hair the roots must be firm and scalp healthy and well nourished. Nutrients are key to healthy hair. A regular oil massage helps to nourishing the hairs and helps spread the hair's natural oils, making it silky and shiny. It increases blood circulation.
  • Washing:- Your hair type will determine your cleansing routine, some of you may need to shampoo daily, others every other day, others even once a week.
    Dry Hair - Egg, Herbal shampoo or any shampoo for dry hair.
    Normal Hair - For normal hair fruit shampoos or henna shampoo is good.
    Oily Hair - Lemon Shampoo remain effective.

Hair Care Routine:-


* Brush or comb hair thoroughly to loosen dirt and dead skin cells from the head. Wet the hair well so that the underneath layers as well as the top are well saturated with water.

* Pour about 1 tsp of shampoo in a little water to get a diluted solution and massage this diluted shampoo gently into the roots with your fingertips, covering the whole of the head.

* Rinse thoroughly with water until the shampoo has been completely washed off.

* Repeat the same procedure if necessary.


* Shampoo the hair as directed above as many times as desired and wash thoroughly.

* Pour approx. 2-2 1/2 tsps of conditioner in your hair all over.

* Leave on far about 5 minutes and rinse off thoroughly until the conditioner has been completely washed off.

Get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks

Get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks as part of your regular hair care routine. Even if you are growing your hair longer, it is still vital to make a routine trim a major part of your hair care routine.

Use professional conditioning hair coloring systems

There are many hair coloring systems on the market, and the ones you choose can have a great impact on your hair care costs. Simply put: choose a system that causes minimal damage and conditions hair as it colors. This will save you money when it comes to conditioning hair care products.

Your hair is normal if:

  • It is neither greasy nor dry
  • It has not been permed or color-treated
  • It holds its style well
  • It looks good and healthy most of the time.

Your hair is fine or greasy if:

  • It tends to be limp.
  • It looks flat and lacks volume
  • It is difficult to manage because it does not hold a style
  • It soon gets greasy again after shampooing.