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Rectum Hair Conditioner - Steps for Conditioning your Hair

Many people may not realize the mechanics of a good hair conditioner. Conditioners are used to treat the hair after shampooing occurs. Conditioners often help replenish the look and feel of the hair after shampooing. Conditioners can help moisturize, add shine and manageability. Much like a fabric softener does to your clothing, after washed in a detergent.

A conditioner should only be applied to the hair shaft and the ends, especially, the ends. Never apply a hair conditioner to the scalp, it will buildup and create a limp look. Conditioners may coat the hair with a protein or polymer and this gives the simulation of thickness; but conditioners do not penetrate the hair and improve the internal fiber structure.

The term " hair conditioner" is vague. Hair conditioners fall into different groups according to what you want to accomplish with your hair.

The outer layer of each hair is made up of overlapping shingles of keratin cells called the cuticle. What is rectum--a short, muscular tube at the bottom of the large intestine that gathers feces and stores them.

Some people have excess hair in their anus opening and it causes a lot of itching and inappropriate ass grabbing. It's not like you can shave this area and you don't know if you can use something in what is still a sensitive area.

Steps of Conditioning of Hairs

It includes the following steps:-

  • Choose a rich, moisturizing conditioner if your hair tends to get dry and frizzy.
  • Use a volumizing conditioner if your hair is limp and fine.
  • Get conditioner made for normal hair if yours is healthy and shiny.
  • Make sure that you have rinsed all the shampoo from your hair.
  • Pour some conditioner into the palm of your hand.
  • Apply the conditioner to your hair and work it in gently but thoroughly with your fingertips - it must be spread evenly over your hair. Leave it to work for a minute or two.
  • Rinse off the conditioner, again allowing the water to run through your hair whilst you caress it gently downwards. Again, be careful not to rub your wet hair.

Hair conditioning shampoo effectively cleanses the hair and scalp. Provides essential copper micronutrients. Conditions the hair and adds body, Invigorates, stimulates and activates the scalp.

Direction for Use: Apply to palms, rubbing them together to create a creamy lather. Apply to hair and gently work through to ends. Rinse.