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Henna For Hair:

Henna is one of the most economical way to color your hair. Henna is substantially less expensive than any other hair dyes or chemicals. Another great benefit of using heena as a hair color is - it lasts more longer than any other hair dye, so you don't have to go and purchase the new kit again and again. Most people find that using henna will reduce their annual hair coloring costs by as much as two-thirds.

Henna is being used for coloring of hair from past many centuries, just as mehendi has been. Using henna for the hair is a part of normal beauty regime in many countries including india. Henna also has amazing conditioning properties when used on hair, and is considered a very good natural conditioner. For most people it will make your hair feel luxuriously soft.  I can often get out of bed and finger comb my hair without finding any snarls.

Henna won't completely change the color of your hair.  Heena will make your hair slight red but the color is more of a transparency over your hair.  If you have blond hair then you will end up with a noticable carrot top-fiery red.  If you have dark hair, you hair will be more noticable when you go out in the sun - that time your head will give a blaze of shiney dark red.

How to Use and Apply Henna:-

  • Make a paste of heena, by gradually adding boiling water to heena powder.
  • Leave this paste prepared to cool to a pleasant temperature. Now shampoo your hair with a good quality hair shampoo and dry your hair with a towel. Now apply the cooled heena paste on your hair and massage well. Don't forget to wear a rubber gloves. If the ends of your hair are dry, they will be porous and soak up the colour faster so do not comb through until towards the end of processing time.
  • Now cover your hair with a plastic cap and leave it for up to 45 minutes, checking the colour every 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly lifting hair away from scalp to make sure all residue is washed away.

Some Heena Tips to Remember before Coloring your Hair:

  • Do test your hair's elasticity before applying henna. Pull off a single strand of hair, wrap around index fingers, and stretch. If the strand does not increase by a minimum of one-third, the hair will need preconditioning.
  • Heena should be kept in a cool, dry and dark place.
  • Don't apply heena on your hair, if you have just got your hair coloured or permed. Henna can restrain the activity of the perm chemicals and thus, reverse the perm's results.
  • Don't use henna on newly chemically treated hair; it may cause unplanned hair variations.
  • Don't forget to remove all the chlorinated water from your hair immidiately after swimming - if you have recently applied heena on your hair.
  • Your may also add some natural additives, such as strong coffee or tea to the mixture - to your heena paste to enhance its quality.
  • Do check commercial henna hair products for pesticides and heavy-metal testing. Don't use henna in the area of the eye, your eyebrows, or internally.
  • It is best to use the same brand of Henna for subsequent applications.
  • Don't use black henna that contains para- phenylenediamine chemicals. It can cause serious inflammation of the skin.