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Haircut - Tips for Getting a Good Haircut - Types of Haircut

Everyone's face is different and it's important to understand that every hairstyle is not for every face or bodyshape. Choose the best hairstyle for the season with these tips and ideas. Whether it's straight, curly, or gray, get gorgeous hair.

Hairstyles depend on the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. For humans, haircut, hairstyle, or hairdo normally describe cutting or styling head hair. Unlike other animals, human beings of many cultures cut their hair, rather than letting it grow naturally. Hair styles in both men and women also vary with current fashion trends, and are often used to determine social status. There is a thriving world market in cut human hair of sufficient length for wig manufacture and for the production of training for student hairdressers and barbers.

Types of Haircut:-

It includes the following types as:-

  • Straight Hair: We want to have wavy curly hair. A nice soft perm or a texture perm will help. They do very well on straight hair without making it look too curly.
  • Curly Hair: The hot and humid condition for curly hair spells disaster. Most people, who have curly hair want it straight. Using the right hair care product in your hair before you blow-dry, is critical. 

If you just use the proper salon hair care product, the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. A little time and a  good haircut can go along way. Considering how the hair will work in relation to the body is important in order to achieve the best overall look. Certain haircuts and styles just look better on certain figure types.

Tips For Good haircut:-

These tips will help in the formation of good haircut as:-

1. Sit up straight. Don't cross your legs when you sit in the stylist's chair -- it skews your posture, so your cut could be uneven once you stand up. Instead, sit up in the chair, legs uncrossed.

2. Collect pictures. The biggest hair disasters arise when your stylist doesn't understand what you want. Pictures will help convey your message.

3. But be realistic. You may love a cut on a magazine model, but if your hair is not the same texture or your face is not the same shape as hers, the cut won't look the same on you. Ask your stylist for variations appropriate to you.

4. Soften a square jawline with layers. Keep them long and choppy around the lower half of your face.

5. Use your hands. Instead of asking for an inch off the ends, use your hands to show your stylist where you'd like your hair to fall.